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Abee Adventures is an online platform for discovering and booking travel and adventure trips across India . We provide each trips curated with thrilling and delightful experiences . It provides group adventure as well as independent travel experiences . Main aim of Abee Adventures is to encourage and support people for traveling , traveling is one of beautiful human experience which one should not compromise and also travel teaches a lot many life learning lessons . And also one can help people , save environment while traveling as an responsible traveller .We have a team of fantastic people who is dedicated here to make many people's dream of traveling come true .

The year was 2017… While most of the students wasted their time dreaming of going on a trip , joining trip to Mcleodganj and listening to Arijit Singh, two mates from India spurned these distractions and instead turned their youthful, entrepreneurial beards toward the thing they loved the most – travel.  Amit and Gulshan were their names and adventuring was – lucky for us – their game.   Perhaps inspired by the impending release of Yeh Jawani hai Dewani , the pair decided to up the ante on their adventuring and set off for the wilds of Himalaya .